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Welcome to the Revolution!

by Rich Carey on April 30, 2009

America is in deep trouble. Somebody has to return this nation to a place of sanity and virtue before we collapse from within. We need a bonafide Revolution.

The debate rages over who is to blame for this decent into madness – the Democrats blame the Republicans, Obama blames Bush, the Libertarians blame the NeoCons and the conspiracy folks blame “them”. But it’s time for a good hard dose of truth. You are to blame. You and I. “We the People” of the United States of America have made this country what it is today.

How are we to blame you ask? Because we have not lived as we should. We have not paid the price to become all that we could be and helped those around us to do the same. Each generation has become increasingly self-serving and consumer-oriented. We are a nation where our appetite for more is matched only by our unmitigated sense of entitlement and our unwillingness to accept personal responsibility for the decisions we have made that have brought us to this desperate condition.

Harsh words, you say. Yes, but rather embrace the sting of correction than suffer the horrors that await us if we do not wake from our stupor and make a significant course correction.

What can we do? Much, if only we are willing. The Creator has graced us with intelligence, talents and the ability to solve any problem that confronts our world. By working together, there is nothing that is beyond our reach. We have limitless creativity and resources at our disposal.

What is missing is a failure to connect the dots, both personally and corporately. Most of us live in a state of perpetual myopia where we cannot see tomorrow, much less a generation down the road. We do not possess a sense of personal vision nor walk in a place of personal mastery where we know who we really are, what we are capable of, and where we are going in life.

America needs new leadership at every level. Leaders who possess unfailing virtue of heart and soul; servant leaders who know the right thing to do and are not dissuaded by the poisonous lust for power. Leaders who forge dissoluble bonds with others who compensate for their personal weakness and share their values. Leaders who are willing to give their very lives for what they believe in, forging the way for the generations to come.

7 Mountain Strategy is an emerging, evolving, comprehensive plan to raise up leaders such as these. Our plan will span many generations to come. We are resolute in our cause, and we are seeking those who are ready to step forward, embrace their destiny and dedicate their lives to becoming history makers.

Stay tuned. Much, much more to come.

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