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Obama’s Gay Pride Month Proclamation

by Rich Carey on June 10, 2009

Post image for Obama’s Gay Pride Month Proclamation

It’s official.  Obama proclaimed June “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Month, 2009”.  He is proud to embrace the radical agenda of the LGBT movement.  He calls for special rights for all who reject the Judeo-Christian sexual standards of male-female relationships confined to the context of marriage.  Here is the official statement from the White House website.

The White House – Press Office – Presidential Proclamation – LGBT Pride Month.

Truly a day when I am ashamed of our President.  Not because I hate gays, because I don’t.  Because Obama has clearly and officially demonstrated complete and utter disdain for the Word of God in regards to sexuality and traditional marriage.  He clearly considers those of us who believe the message of the Bible to be true and speak out against sexual perversion to be in violation of the new “hate crime” laws that are being enacted in this hour.

Christians – you better wake up and speak out against this administration while you can.  The days of free speech in America are officially numbered.

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ibrahim April 28, 2010 at 8:09 am

American Oh America, May God have mercy ,but know for sure you have seal your doom.
May the few remant pray, per chance the lord Saboath may change his mine and restore your land.


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