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Oh, The Irony! (Kathy Castor Meets Her Constituents)

by Rich Carey on August 6, 2009

So, tonight in Tampa, Rep. Kathy Castor (D) came back home to make her case for government-run healthcare in a “Town Hall” meeting.  Unfortunately I was in a radio interview and couldn’t make it in person.  I’ve read the tweets and reports, watched the early videos and have pieced together what seems to have gone down.  Maybe I’m off a bit, but not by much.

1) The democrat organizers chose a venue that holds 250 people. Over 1000 showed up (police now estimate 1500), many a full hour or more early, only to be told they could not come into the still mostly empty room (visible through the glass wall on the front).  Here’s a video of the “angry mob”.  Pretty scary stuff!

2) Certain people began to be allowed entrance through a back door. It appears that these were meeting organizers, SEIU/Labor Union folks and generally supportive liberal types that filled up the front of the room.   This is apparent from the local news video below, where the front of the room is clearly supporters, and most of the dissent is coming from the back few rows.

3) This act apparently riled up those who’d been standing in line for hours who’d hoped to voice their frustrations over what they rightfully believe to be a threat to their personal lives and liberty.  Shouts began to break out as Rep. Castor attempted to deliver her prepared statement to her mostly stacked audience where she took the now commonplace “here’s something we can all agree on” approach, which apparently, doesn’t exactly give those with different opinions the idea that their concerns are being heard.

4) On the outside, chants began to break out. At least 2 people were slightly injured while trying to enter the building, pushed roughly by those manning the doors.  One man said he would be filing a police report.  Yet, this was not a rowdy, dangerous crowd.  It was a group of frustrated people simply trying to communicate their concerns to their elected official in a forum they thought was created for that purpose, but were prevented from doing so, here in the good ‘ol US of A, where freedom of speech is celebrated and dissent is the highest form of patriotism. (Right?)

5) As the chants grew, police and SWAT showed up and began to make their presence known.  After approx. 20 minutes, Rep. Castor was ushered out of the building and drove off.  A 3 hour meeting was cut short.  Just a bit.   She later gave a statement that she had accomplished what she came to do.  No Q&A, no answers, just “here’s what we can all agree on” and “see ya later!”  Way to go, Rep. Castor!  Way to make the people feel good about your bill!  Way to make them feel that you are representing their best interests!

I’m sure the liberal spin on the whole event can be summed up like so. “ANGRY MOB DISRUPTS TOWN HALL MEETING, CASTOR UNABLE TO FINISH MEETING”.  While I’d prefer that people would not be disrepectful and unnecessarily disruptive, let’s not forget what’s happening here.

The democrats have now established a pattern of presenting massive bills in the morning and rushing to a vote the same day, stifling any debate or even allowing people time to read the damn thing.  Some have even mocked those who are now calling for some common sense like READING THE BILL  before they vote on it.  Amazing.

The healthcare reform bill presented by Pelosi and gang clearly poses a threat to the very essence of personal liberty and freedom in this country.  It places 20% of the private sector economy under the control of a government that has proven itself completely irresponsible in fiscal matters such as Medicare, the Post Office, et. all, at a cost of a trillion dollars or more, to be paid for by… oh wait, they’ll figure that part out later. It inserts the government into the most intimate of relationships – doctor and patient, and will certainly cause the rationing of healthcare, drive doctors out of their practice, reduce quality, etc. etc.  This has happened in every country where it’s been tried.  Yes, we need to fix healthcare.  But government takeover is NOT the solution.  Period.  End of discussion.

The President and the Speaker both sent out directives to their democrat minions to spend their summer break selling this idea to their constituents back home.  They have unabashedly denigrated anyone who disagrees with them using terms such as “astroturf” (fake grass-roots), Nazis, GOP hacks, plants by the insurance companies, etc.  Rep. Castor went on the record with an interview today before her meeting where she effectively dismissed any opposition as the work of the wicked insurance companies who would stop at nothing to prevent “health care reform”.  So, we can assume all these 1000+ people who came out in opposition today were dismissed as mindless pawns of big insurance.

The irony in all of this is absolutely amazing. The left has made organized protests their trademark for decades.  ACORN, President Obama’s “grassroots” political machine uses public protest (read Community Organizing) as a means to change.  Their activism and protests at private businesses (like demanding mortgage loans from banks) were partially responsible for some of the current financial crisis.  So…


Other the other hand, now we see average hard-working Americans are finally standing up to an out-of-control government, completely dominated by rabid liberals who are seizing as much power as they fast as they can grab it, spending our nation into trillions of dollars of debt, and proposing bills that take away personal liberties in ways we could never even imagine possible without allowing so much as a whisper of dissent, and these people are being dismissed and labeled as crazies.  Thus…


The irony is enough to make blood shoot right out of your eyes (to quote Glenn Beck).

Here’s a word of advice to all you Democrats in Washington. You have a choice.  Break from the party lines and represent the majority who clearly oppose government-run healthcare in any form, or you will soon lose your job.  Read the polls.  The tide has turned, and America is NOT the liberal crazy-land that you think it is.

And for God’s sake, stop telling people what they should believe and start listening. The fires of dissent are only beginning to heat up, and you don’t want this pot to boil over.

The rest of us need to be vigilant, awake and ready for a prolonged battle. Those who are in power are drunk with it, and are desperately in need of a reminder that THEY WORK FOR US.

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richlionheart August 7, 2009 at 3:57 am

Here's a blow by blow report from one who was there:



richlionheart August 7, 2009 at 3:59 am

Looks like it was SEIU thugs manning the door. Figures, since Castor's biggest contributors are all big labor.



richlionheart August 7, 2009 at 12:26 pm

Here's a report from the inside. Helps identify why people were upset:

"I was able to get in the meeting as I got there early. By the time they started letting us in – the seats were already half taken spread across the entire room. It was obvious that they had let those favorable to gov't healthcare in early and they had proceeded to spread themselves throughout the room and then "saved" seats for others. Therefore, about the only seats left for us "opponents" were in the back and standing alongside the wall. I had a small sign but they did not allow any signs in the meeting room. I had my folder of flyers though so when I got in I wrote on the outside of my folder "No Gov't Healthcare" and held it up the entire time I was there. Opponents still outnumbered those favorable I believe inside the meeting room by perhaps 60-40. The SEIU and HCAN had flyers already in the lobby area and in the meeting room and I proceeded to put my 400 copies of flyers I made on top of all of theirs. Kathy Castor proceeded to "lecture" us how we all must have healthcare insurance and that those with insurance thru their employer, VA or Medicare must pay for those who were "irresponsible" for not having healthcare. She then proceeded to rip the insurance companies ala Nancy Pelosi as the "villains" for most of the problems. Not once did she talk about what was in the House bill, how it was going to be paid for, any specifics of the House bill and of course never fielded questions. Yet this Town Hall was to educate "us" on Healthcare Reform. After Castor spoke, they had several folks they stated were healthcare "experts" . The first "expert" proceeded to start telling a story painting the insurance companies again as the villain and I decided it was time to leave and join those outside protesting Obamacare."


Mike Peele August 8, 2009 at 2:01 am

Not read the bill!!!!???? Holy sheep dip Batgirl! I have a little question: why do you have to have TWO LAWYERS to read it? Sounds to me like there's some legally questionable provisions in it. Maybe it might even have some constitutional issues? Hmmm…all the more reason to stop this nonsense and dump this thing in a wood chipper.


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