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Glenn Beck: Liberation Theology and Social Justice

by Rich Carey on July 14, 2010

In this video clip from his show, Glenn Beck explains how Liberation Theology and Social Justice is a perversion of the true message of Christianity.  This demonic teaching promotes a victim mentality while ignoring the issue of man’s sin problem as being the true cause of his suffering. It calls for reparations to be made for wrongs supposedly committed as atonement for social sins. This is the driving force and philosophy behind much of the political agenda we see playing out in Washington today (read WORLDVIEW).

Yes, I know Beck is a Mormon. However, this video is worth paying attention to, because it explains a dangerous perversion of Christianity that is being used to provide “biblical” support for the “Social Justice” movement. Beck makes it clear why this is contrary to true Christianity.

As always, your civilized and polite comments are welcome and encouraged. (Don’t waste your time telling me how much you despise Glenn Beck – your comments will simply be deleted.)

You can read the transcript here.

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