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Tomorrow Everything Changes

by Rich Carey on November 1, 2010

Brothers and sisters, tomorrow is the day we put a stop to the irresponsible nonsense that we’ve put up with for the past several decades from our elected officials.  The progressive agenda has been a cancer which has infected both Democrat and Republican parties.  It’s time to return to the core principles of our Founding Fathers which made this nation great – faith in the Creator, honesty, integrity, personal and fiscal responsibility and a federal government that is limited in scope and power.

Do not cast your vote for the candidate who promises to do the most for you, for that is the BIG LIE that has brought us into this mess.  Rather, vote only for those who promise to get government out of your way so you can keep more of what you earn, that you might prosper, thus having the ability to give responsibly to those who are in need.

From this day forward, may we hold every elected official’s feet to the fire, and never again walk down the road to socialism.  May God bless America once again.

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