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Video – Agenda: Grinding Down America

Arts & Entertainment

This is the BEST documentary on the planned takeover of America from within that I have ever seen. This is a MUST SEE for every American who values family, faith, liberty and freedom. It reveals the structured, long-term plans of the radical socialists over the past several decades and see just how close we are to the point of no return.

I implore you – please take the time to watch this with your family THIS WEEK (it’s only online for free for a limited time). Share it with as many people as you can. Let’s come together and take our nation back before it’s too late.

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America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution


By Angelo M. Codevilla from the July 2010 – August 2010 issue of The American Spectator. (Reprinted in it’s entirety.  Vitally important information for such a time as this.) As over-leveraged investment houses began to fail in September 2008, the leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties, of major corporations, and opinion leaders stretching from […]

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Alan Keyes – Exploring Lies Part 2 of 2

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In this video, Alan Keyes addresses the nature of government, authority and issue of morality, with a challenge to Christians to get involved in the political process through Christian Patriotism. (Part 2 of 2) Watch Part 1 HERE

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Audio: Overview of the 7 Mountain Strategy by Rich Carey

Thumbnail image for Audio: Overview of the 7 Mountain Strategy by Rich Carey Arts & Entertainment

In this inspiring message, Rich Carey provides and overview of the 7 Mountains and summarizes the strongholds which hold each mountain, a brief strategy for bringing the Kingdom to each mountain, and offers insight as to what each mountain will look like once the Kingdom has been established on that mountain. Just click on the […]

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Drawing the Line: The Importance of Citizens United to the Future of Political Speech… Online and Offline


By Brandon Martin at the Daily Uprising Recently, the Cato Institute produced a short video that explores how campaign finance law infringes on first amendment rights. The video argues persuasively that the logic of the first amendment to the Constitution and federal campaign finance laws are at war and the clash will likely end up […]

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Pro-Gay Marriage Hollywood Piles on Miss California

Arts & Entertainment

With the way some in Hollywood have piled on Miss California Carrie Prejean since Sunday’s Miss USA pageant, one might think the 21-year-old college student had called for a tax on botox, instead of speaking out against gay marriage. Read this article on Fox News

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How Modern Liberals Think


Video: Evan Sayet speaks to the Heritage Foundation about the liberal mindset.  Very insightful for those who wonder how otherwise intelligent liberals can be so illogical in regards to conservatives.  It’s all about worldview!

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Don’t Shut Up!


In this video, Andrew Klavan reveals the strategy used to silence the criticism and ideas of conservative thinkers.

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