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Kingdom of God

Establishing Kingdom Culture – Part 1


In this video, Rich Carey discusses the differences between our current understanding of “church” and the ECCLESIA that Jesus is building today. This message is from the Thursday morning session of the Northwest convening of International Apostolic Ministries on 9/30/10 in Marysville, WA.  (Message begins at about 14 minutes in, after the announcements if you […]

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Humanistic Governments vs. God’s Kingdom


There are many good evangelical leaders who believe that having big government is good as long as it aids the poor, supports their non-profit community programs, and perpetuates what they define as social justice. I have nothing personal against these leaders but feel compelled to tackle some of the root differences I have with programs like ObamaCare and overreaching federal government in general. This article is meant to help us understand why a large, centrally-controlled state government is actually a rival kingdom to the Kingdom of Christ.

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Welcome to the Revolution!


America is in deep trouble. Somebody has to return this nation to a place of sanity and virtue before we collapse from within. We need a bonafide Revolution. The debate rages over who is to blame for this decent into madness – the Democrats blame the Republicans, Obama blames Bush, the Libertarians blame the NeoCons […]

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Timeless Wisdom