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ObamaCare – The End Of America As We Know Her?


George Bakalov is an immigrant from Bulgaria and a fellow apostle and fellow member of ICA (International Coalition of Apostles).  His views on Obamacare and America’s current march towards socialism are very enlightening.  His blog can be found at http://blog.georgebakalov.net Seven years ago our family relocated to the United States. Most people come to America […]

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ABC 20/20 Takes on Health Care Reform

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ABC 20/20 Takes on Health Care Reform with John Stossel.  Very enlightening.  John reports on the real effects of what the President’s proposed plan will have on our health care system and how well government-run health care is working in Europe and Canada. Share your comments below!

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Rep. Tom Price on Government-run Healthcare


Rep. Tom Price of Georgia admonishes the Democrat government-takeover of health care.  Very passionate and logical response.  Why in the world don’t more people realize how damaging this idea of socialized medicine is?  Your thoughts?

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