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social justice

Glenn Beck: Liberation Theology and Social Justice


In this video clip from his show, Glenn Beck explains how Liberation Theology and Social Justice is a perversion of the true message of Christianity.  This demonic teaching promotes a victim mentality while ignoring the issue of man’s sin problem as being the true cause of his suffering. It calls for reparations to be made […]

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Humanistic Governments vs. God’s Kingdom


There are many good evangelical leaders who believe that having big government is good as long as it aids the poor, supports their non-profit community programs, and perpetuates what they define as social justice. I have nothing personal against these leaders but feel compelled to tackle some of the root differences I have with programs like ObamaCare and overreaching federal government in general. This article is meant to help us understand why a large, centrally-controlled state government is actually a rival kingdom to the Kingdom of Christ.

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